Our Interactive Media Advertising Services include, but are not limited to the following:

              • Business Presentations
               • CD Business Cards
               • Portable Sales Presentation
               • Product Tutorials
               • Product Launches
               • Slide Shows
               • Product Catalogs
               • Multimedia Kits

CD-ROM Presentations

Our Interactive Media team can provide you with simple indexed pages to full interactive presentations on CD-ROM. It’s the best way to present your company to your prospective customers.

CD-ROM Presentations are also useful for:

              • Archiving photographs
               • Library storage
               • Product details
               • Company Profiles
               • Training
               • Catalogues
               • Electronic Brochures
               • CD Rom Business Cards

Kill the myth that CD ROMs have to be expensive, they don't. It all depends on what you want. It does cost more to have a high impact, high speed, supercharged multimedia experience! This is because it takes a lot of time and uses expensive equipment and software

If what you want is a less complicated but still well designed and presented company profile, or a catalogue of your new product range, or even an archive of your firms past projects to show clients, a CD-ROM presentation can be very affordable indeed. Designed professionally and presented with easy to use interactive layouts, great graphics and backgrounds, optional music and sound effects.

CD Business Cards
Why hand a potential customer an outdated, business card when you could present them with a dynamic multimedia CD Business Card that details your company’s products and services.
A Business card that utilizes the power of animation, music, video and graphics, to “introduce” your company.

An entire sales presentation can be packed into a CD-ROM small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.
A powerful business tool that can enhance sales, marketing and promotional efforts.

The CD-Business Card is more likely to get noticed and build brand awareness compared to an average business card. It's often difficult for a salesman to get the time or attention needed to get the message across clearly, a sales presentation packed into a business card is the sales wonder! Hand your customer or prospective client your CD-Business Card and get noticed.

The CD Business Card stands out above and beyond your competition, leaving your clients with an exciting and memorable impression.

CD Business Cards can condense all of your material into an "all-in-one" useable package. No more carrying hardcopy, videos and oversized collateral, the CD business card is light and compact making it easy to travel with.

Increase your response rate and decrease your advertising cost. The CD-Business Card can cost close to what you would normally pay for a brochure! Plus it can be mailed for only 34 cents.

The CD Business card is extremely user friendly, when inserted into a CD-ROM, drive it opens and starts up automatically. You don't have to know how to use a computer. No software to download. Just point and click.